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Enjoy an elevated banking experience with UNO!

We're here to help you with your present financial needs and long-term goals.

Securing Money

Create a safety net for family needs
potential “emergencies” whether big or small,
or even for the future home you’re planning to build.

Leveraging Money

No need to wait for cash!
Spend on what you want and need now
with our flexible repayment options.

Maximizing Money

Get protected and make important payments.
Track income vs. spending and
differentiate minor and major expenses.

Growing Money

Boost your income through investments
or get help in building more income stream
whether passive or active.

The UNO experience is all about simple, better, and accessible banking designed for your lifestyle.


High Interest Rate on Savings

Dynamic algorithms that keep adjusting the rates upwards.

Immediate Virtual Debit Card

No need to wait to enjoy money.

No Hidden Fees

Transparent and fully in your control.

Pre-Approved Dynamic Credit Line

Pre-approved, linked card, flexibility of changes without fees.

Fastest account setup!

We can’t wait for you to get started! Our onboarding takes just under a couple of minutes, and you get a customised pre-approved list of products.

Elevating banking through AI-first approach

The UNObank platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) down to its very core. Our innovative ways allow us to apply evolved processes and systems that enable smooth yet secured customer onboarding, transaction authorizations, alternate data-based credit scoring, product and interface personalization with advanced security, risk and privacy management patterns.

Face Recognition

Say cheese! Our advanced machine vision enables onboarding & authentication by recognizing facial features.

Machine Learning

We love to get to know you. Each time you use our app, our deep learning and alternate data scoring algorithms enable us to offer you a better and better experience.

Our Partners

Our Partners

Founding Team

UNObank is the vision of a founding team with a collective experience of over 100 years in banking, lending, technology & digital transformation